Business Owners Insurance in Minnesota

Running a small business involves a significant investment in time and money. Business owners insurance, also called a BOP,  protects your investment by minimizing financial risks associated with unexpected events such as the death of a partner, an injured employee, a lawsuit, or a natural disaster. Unless you are an employer, business insurance is generally not required by law, however, it is common practice to purchase enough insurance to cover your assets. If your business is an LLC or a corporation, your personal assets are protected from business liabilities; however, neither business structure is a substitute for liability insurance, which covers your business from losses.*

Typically, a business owners insurance policy combines property, liability and business interruption coverage all into one easy policy for small to medium-sized businesses. By packaging these coverages together, you will generally results in a discount in your premium.

Business owners insurance offers complete coverage for your small to medium sized business and is  best suited for companies with less than 100 employees and/or less than $5 million in revenue. BOP insurance, combines several types of insurance together into one cost-savings package. With completely customizable coverage options, we can fit the package to your specific needs.

In addition to a business owners policy,  property insurance, liability insurance, and additional types of insurance are available through Variant Insurance Group:

  •         Property claims
  •         Equipment breakdown
  •         Income loss
  •         Professional liability claims
  •         Products and completed operations claims
  •         Fire legal liability claims
  •         Premises liability claims

Supplemental coverages are also available. Call us today to discuss specifics of your business.